Legacy celebrates 15 years!

Legacy celebrates 15 years!

Legacy Construction was formed in 2007 and we just celebrated 15 years of Legacy Building! Can you believe that Legacy Construction’s first job was a backyard BBQ?

Today, Legacy Construction is a full-service commercial contractor specializing in healthcare, retail and mixed-use developments. Legacy Realty & Development and Legacy Commercial were founded along the way to complete our family of services; strategically designed to support your project through the entirety of the process from concept to disposition. 

15 years after our founding, our diverse portfolio includes restaurants, sports facilities, private dental, and most notably, we’ve built over 70 full-service healthcare facilities across the Central Valley bringing care to some of our most vulnerable communities. 

Dr. Jett

A BIG THANK YOU to every Legacy Builder, both old and new, who contributed to the last 15 years of Legacy. We hope you enjoy this short walk down memory lane.