The New Normal: Culture of Care During COVID-19

The New Normal: Culture of Care During COVID-19

During this time in the US, our country and our industries are being challenged to find the best ways to navigate uncertainty. The novel Coronavirus and growing tensions have presented the Construction industry an opportunity to take a more mindful and active approach to caring for all of their employees.


The Associated General Contractors of America rolled out a framework for which companies can take a pledge of fostering a Culture of Care. This initiative is an, “intentional and practical culture shift toward diversity and inclusion [that] can positively impact company profitability by improving employee productivity, recruiting, and retaining top talent, increasing innovation and creating a safer workplace.” While Legacy Construction has plans to make the pledge as a collective team, aligned responses have already been rolled out.


We recognize that in a time of uncertainty, fear, and separation, maintaining the health and well-being of our employees is of top priority. Like many other companies, Legacy Construction shifted to a tele-communication base system for workflows. Teams regularly check in remotely, and are given the space to share how they are feeling. Legacy recognizes that the Black community has been disproportionately affected by COVID-19 and Asian Americans reported a spike of discrimination and harassment since March 2020. All of our employees are encouraged to communicate their experiences and take the personal time that they need to cope with the ever-changing environment. Check-ins increase the sense of connection and communicates the commitment we have to maintaining the well-being of our team members.


It is human nature to gravitate towards others who are more like you, and distance yourself from those that are different from you, especially during in a time of so much unknown. It is more important than ever to actively drive meaningful practices of individual and collective inclusivity to ensure everyone feels welcome and supported in the workplace. While we maintain a zero tolerance for bullying, Legacy has also developed a new Diversity and Inclusion counsel dedicated to identifying opportunities for internal D&I training, donating time and resources to related causes, and creating more equal systems in hiring, development, and promotion.


In addition, Legacy provides weekly practical tips to the team on how to increase personal well-being along with having direct contact with the Director of HR for additional support and resources. We recognize our industry has plenty of room for growth! Legacy will continue to do it’s part in contributing to the bettering of the Construction industry and increasing the safety and well-being for all industry members.